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FortisBC – Quibble Creek Flood Restoration

Surrey, BC

Creek Restoration Including Relocation of Erosion Control Features for FortisBC

Quibble creek is a greenway running between Green Timbers Urban Forest and Bear Creek Park in Surrey, BC. The Creek traverses along a major utility corridor including a BC Hydro 500kV Transmission line and FortisBC natural gas transmission lines.

JB Horizons LP was engaged by Fortis BC to restore the natural flow of Quibble Creek and relocate erosion control features along the creek banks. Work included obtaining necessary permits for working within riparian areas, locating utilities, environment controls, water diversion, fish relocation and sediment and erosion controls. Safety and quality management were also key aspects of this project.

JB Horizons LP has the primary goal of creating employment, training, and career development opportunities for Musqueam Band members.