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Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza & South Entrance

Vancouver, 2017
Beautification of the North Plaza and Remediation and Restoration of Concrete Steps

Providing a multi-use public space in front of the Gallery was a priority of the City of Vancouver, and Jacob Bros was contracted to create this new public space. Work included demolition of existing sidewalks and structures, as well as deconstruction and relocation of a statue in the existing fountain. After demolition, an existing underground service space was filled with structural backfill to create a stormwater catchment zone. Construction of the new plaza involved the use of custom precast concrete and granite pavers, concrete planters, timber benches, trees and other soft landscaping. Site furnishings, an irrigation system, electrical distribution, feature lighting, a public toilet and an architecturally detailed steel-frame bus shelter with dynamic lighting elements were also included. REMEDIATION AND RESTORATION OF CONCRETE STEPS As a separate project at the same site, This Jacob Bros project included the remediation of concrete steps and restoration of heritage stone cladding on adjacent podia at the historic Vancouver Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver. This project also included the demolition of the art gallery’s south steps, replacement of waterproofing membrane and installation of new granite steps along with full removal and replacement of granite cladding with restoration to heritage standards. The granite staircases are a defining characteristic of the more than 110-year-old Vancouver landmark.