First Nations Engagement Committed to Indigenous Partnerships

Jacob Bros seeks to build mutually beneficial, sustainable long-term relationships with Indigenous communities where our projects are located. Through early engagement and information sharing, Indigenous Groups are informed about our projects, project needs and opportunities to participate through employment, and supply and service contacts.

Statement of Indigenous Principles

Jacob Bros is passionate about construction – about building projects that benefit and shape the landscape and economy of British Columbia.  We recognize that people are key to our success in a highly competitive industry. 

Jacob Bros highly values building and maintaining long-term relationships with our employees.  We believe in, and foster, an environment that promotes connectivity and teamwork, and provides opportunities for people to build successful careers in the construction industry.

Jacob Bros recognizes that construction can impact the land, lives and interests of Indigenous Peoples and are committed to increasing Indigenous participation in our projects. In the spirit of reconciliation, Jacob Bros will seek to build respectful and meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and be guided by the following principles, as we strive to increase Indigenous inclusion in our workforce and participation on our projects.

Our Commitments:

• Jacob Bros recognizes that Indigenous Peoples have unique histories, distinct cultures, values,  languages, traditions, interests and, since time immemorial, have been deeply connected to the land and waters of their traditional lands.

• We understand that Indigenous Peoples seek to build capacity within their communities and participate in economic activities and projects that affect their traditional lands.

Our Commitments:

• When engaging with Indigenous workers, businesses, and contractors, we will be mindful, respectful, and understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ unique interests and how our projects can change the landscape of their traditional lands.

• Jacob Bros provides cultural awareness training to management and employees to create a culturally safe and inclusive work environment for Indigenous workers, businesses, and contractors.

• We support Indigenous candidates seeking employment by developing fair and equitable access to our workforce and providing meaningful opportunities for skills training and career advancement.  

• Jacob Bros develops internal competencies, policies and practices designed to increase opportunities for Indigenous businesses, contractors, and service providers at our project sites. 

• We will be accessible, open, and supportive of Indigenous workers, businesses, and contractors who may want to share their stories about working at Jacob Bros or participating on our projects.