Jacob Bros is proud of our people and our projects. On this page you’ll find some of the highlights of our team’s successes and our employees’ accomplishments.

  • BC Premier visits Jacob Bros job site

    May 7, 2017

    BC Premier Christy Clark visited a Jacob Bros construction site in Surrey while campaigning ahead of the 2017 provincial election. Jacob Bros employees were on site to tour the Premier around and show her what working on a construction site is like.

  • Jacob Bros completes Georgian Court renovations

    April 28, 2017

    Jacob Bros has completed the renovation of 177 rooms at the Georgian Court Hotel in downtown Vancouver, along with the re-piping of the hotel’s domestic water supply. The guest room renovations include complete upgrades to all washrooms including fixtures, millwork, countertops, shower doors and washroom accessories. The newly renovated rooms are a thing of beauty and hotel guests are sure to enjoy them, all of which were made available as they were finished.

  • Jacob Bros bowlers raise $1,200 for Big Brothers

    April 23, 2017

    The Jacob Bros Hobo-lers, led by Dwayne Grant, fundraised $1,200 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria at the Bowl for Kids Sake event. The funds will go towards providing assistance for kids who need extra support. Thanks to everyone who supported the team!

  • New office nearing completion

    April 21, 2017

    The new Jacob Bros Head Office and Maintenance Facility in Surrey is coming along nicely. The walls were tilted into place on Friday, April 21, with a barbecue held on-site to celebrate this important milestone.

  • Jacob Bros hits substantial completion on 200 Street project

    April 7, 2017

    Despite torrential rains and the strange snowfalls, which caused the team to lose more than three weeks of scheduled work, the Jacob Bros Project Team working on the 200 Street Storm Sewer Replacement Project for the Township of Langley hit their substantial completion date.

    Project Manager Kyle Heinz says everyone thought it was a near impossibility when they started, but the crew maximized their work hours every day, installing an average of 40m of large diameter concrete pipe each night.

    Great job team!

  • Jacob Bros represented on BCRB Board

    March 7, 2017

    A friendly face will climb aboard the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association board of directors for 2017: Internal Operations Manager Paul Simpson.

    Paul has previously served on this board while working with Lafarge and Winvan Paving Ltd.

    Paul says he’s excited to get back on the board, particularly given the significant contribution made by this association to the local construction industry. It’s an opportunity to set and achieve strategic goals and objectives that benefit the industry as a whole.

  • Jacob Bros PM saves woman from burning vehicle in Massey Tunnel

    March 9, 2017

    Jacob Bros Project Manager Wayne Tingley may as well be a part-time firefighter. When he came across a serious vehicle fire in the George Massey Tunnel, Wayne sprang into action to save the woman trapped in her vehicle.

    He grabbed his Jacob Bros fire extinguisher from the back of his company truck and put out enough of the fire to let the woman escape from the burning wreckage. Way to go, Wayne!

  • Golden Ears Crew makes work safer for everybody

    March 3, 2017

    On the Golden Ears Connector project, equipment damage occurred when the winch line cable rope snapped under tension while the telescopic mast of a light tower was being lowered.

    Recommendations to prevent future recurrence included inspecting equipment prior to use, discussing with the crew to raise awareness and reviewing the SOP for light towers. Because the Golden Ears Connector crew reported this equipment damage and injury near-miss, a company-wide toolbox talk was conducted and the Jacob Bros mechanics replaced the wire rope on at least another 5 light towers.

    As a thank-you to the Golden Ears crew, Jacob Bros supplied the entire project team with pizza for lunch on March 3, 2017. There were even a few prizes, drawn at random, for members of the team.

    We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be detailed in your reporting. The Golden Ears crew helped prevent future equipment damage and injury.

  • Cathy Harriman presented with the Dale Gamble Memorial Award

    December 10, 2016

    Cathy Harriman was announced as this year’s Dale Gamble Award Winner at the Jacob Bros Christmas Party on Dec. 10 at Elements Casino in Surrey.

    Cathy’s work ethic embodies the Jacob Bros spirit. She’s got grit and tenacity, but it’s her mental toughness that earned her this recognition.

    Jacob Bros was very impressed with the amount of nominations for this year’s Dale Gamble Award –there were many truly worthy candidates.

    The amazing things those nominations said about Cathy reminded Jacob Bros of just how important the contribution she makes in the office is.

    Cathy is an incredible resource for every member of our team: from the newest hire to the seasoned vet and everything in between.

  • Jacob Bros Principals named Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year

    September 30, 2016

    On Sept. 30, Scott and Jason Jacob attended the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

    Though Jacob Bros was up against two other deserving candidates in the construction category: Penfolds Roofing & Solar Inc. and Structurlam Products Ltd., we were named the winner.

    This is proof that what we’re doing is having a significant impact on the construction industry in Western Canada.

    The award speaks volumes about the hard work everyone is putting in at Jacob Bros job sites and offices. So congratulations to you, too!

  • YVR Batch Plant complete

    June 24, 2016

    Wayne Tingley (Jacob Bros Project Manager) and Paul Simpson (Internal Operations Manager) cooked breakfast for Jacob Bros employees coming off night shift and those coming on day shift at the new Jacob Bros concrete batch plant just north of YVR. Surprisingly for those who’ve eaten Wayne’s cooking before, the food didn’t taste like concrete this time.

  • Jacob Bros provides new bikes to local kids in need

    June 22, 2016

    The Jacob Bros Social Committee used money raised through our monthly 50-50 draws to purchase bikes, bike helmets, bike locks and gift cards for six deserving children at nearby Noel Booth Elementary School in Langley. The foster mother of three of the children receiving bikes was in tears when she found out. Great work by the JB Social Committee!

  • YVR Security Project Complete

    May 15, 2016

    CATSA NPS-V Permanent Phase 1 was a collaboration between Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and YVR to enhance the screening program of non-passenger vehicles at the airport.

    Jacob Bros was involved in YVR’s initial efforts to improve non-passenger vehicle screening at the airport by working on interim Phase 1 (2014) and interim Phase 2 (January 2015).

    The experience on the two temporary phases helped Jacob Bros effectively bid on the permanent works.

    Construction of the CATSA NPS-V Permanent Phase 1 began in January 2016.

    The Checkpoint Mike facility became fully operational on May 15, 2016, following the successful completion of the North Guardhouse and South Guardhouse NPS-V facilities.

  • Darcy Grant named 2015 Dale Gamble winner

    December 12, 2015

    As chosen by his peers, the Dale Gamble Award was presented to Darcy Grant at the Jacob Bros Christmas Dinner held December 12, 2015 in Surrey.

    Here’s what Darcy’s nominators had to say:

    "Determination and commitment to project and staff under pressure."

    "Positive attitude maintained during hard summer while also keeping crew morale up."

    "Darcy has an uncanny ability to get the most out of his crew understanding the vast differences in his people and thus utilizing a wide range of techniques in motivating them."

    "Consistently looking out for the safety of the workers on a daily basis and is easy to come to if you have any problem"

    "He really takes care of his tools, sea-cans, equipment and his guys. Production is a must but must be safe work."

    "Cares and understands that employees have lives outside of work, always willing to spread his knowledge, always thinking about safety and the well-being of other employees."

    "Exemplary leadership above and beyond his job scope."

    "Darcy exhibits and expects a strong performance from those he works with, and is dedicated to ensuring that he mentors other employees to understand the what and why of the work in order to reach their potential."

    Congratulations Darcy, this award is well deserved!

  • Box Canyon Crew recognized by VRCA

    October 21, 2015

    We are proud to recognize the ingenuity of our crew at Box Canyon by the Vancouver Regional Construction Association with the award of their 2015 Safety Innovation award. This accomplishment was recognized at the VRCA Awards of Excellence Gala that took place on October 21, 2015 at the Vancouver Convention Center and was accepted by Superintendent of Safety and Training, Mike Barstead.

    This award recognized the Sack-o-Matic, innovated by penstock installation Foreman Zak West and his crew at the Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project. Penstock installation work, as well as creek diversions required the use of many large sand bags – known as bulk bags. The sack-o-matic was developed by members of the pipe crew as a means of improving the method of filling the bags.

    Acting on their own initiative, the crew made use of a scrap piece of HDPE pipe and fashioned it to hold the bulk bag open, eliminating the need for workers to hold the bag open and therefore eliminating worker exposure to risk of injury from working in proximity to an operating excavator and the type of sprain, strain or over-exertion type injuries found when using manual labour to perform this task.

    The Safety Department and Jacob Bros. Construction extends sincere congratulations and thank you to Zak West and the rest of the crew at Box Canyon for this safety and productivity innovation.