The Jacob brothers were raised in a construction family. The core values, work ethic, and trade skills that are the foundation of the Jacob Bros brand today, were instilled in the brothers from an early age. For the Jacob brothers the construction trades and the pursuit of excellence have been lifelong passions.

The Jacob brothers established three individual careers within different sectors of the construction industry. In 2008, they decided to collaborate, combining years of experience and individual specializations into one multi-faceted firm—Jacob Bros Construction, a company founded on passion for construction, true entrepreneurial spirit and an innate desire to take pride in all we do.

From the beginning, the Jacob brothers enjoyed the benefits associated with strong relationships developed over their decades-long individual careers. These close working relationships, combined with their dedicated management staff, experienced workforce, loyal subcontractors, suppliers and clients, were integral to the early success and rapid expansion of Jacob Bros. They continue to be intrinsic factors in its corporate strength.